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Re: Enterprise The Movie

At best, we might see a special two hour Enterprise tv-movie. nu-Trek ruined any chance of a film happening as happened with TOS and TNG. I'm sure that fans would still like to see a DS9 or Voyager tv-movie.

Perhaps these would be better too since the crew is already used to making this medium, sets might still be around to recycle, techs with experience available to do one more show.

If you honestly look back at the quality of the series versus translation on film and then took cost into account, then the series episodes exceed the film experience almost every time.

In tv history, it's not unusual to come back and make such a tv movie and for dedicated fans and other to watch it.

Sometimes less is more. The worst thing is making one more season to squeeze the last drops out from the crew and writers. In a way, maybe four seasons should be the upper limit to most series regardless.
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