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Re: Kirk, the PD, "The Omega Glory" and "Miri"

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I would think it likely that the Enterprise team used the coordinates already programmed in the Exeter transporters. Seems like the quickest way to find Tracey if he was still alive.
And rather than materializing outside of the village or in a back alley they materialize in the heart of the village just in time to witness an execution in progress.
Since Tracey was negotiating with the village elders for the right to send down survey parties, they might not have been protected by the part of the Prime Directive where you can't make any mention of space or other planets with life.

The Omega Glory wrote:
TRACEY: Our medi-scanners revealed this planet as perfectly harmless. The villagers, the Kohms here, were friendly enough once they got over the shock of my white skin. As you've seen, we resemble the Yangs, the savages. My landing party transported back to the ship. I stayed down here to arrange for the planet survey with the village elders. The next thing I knew, the ship was calling me. The landing party had taken an unknown disease back. My crew, Jim. My entire crew. Gone.
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