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Re: Why are Trekkies so Hateful of Star Trek?

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Your welcome. I have a theory that most of the so-called JJ-Trek fans are not the majority of the Trek fan base. At best they are half of the fan base, and then even most of that are fair-weather fans who might have "loved" the 2009 film but turned on the 2013 film.

I have to wonder sometimes as well, do they really love the 2009 film or do they love the idea that society isn't mocking them for the moment because JJ Abrams made Star Trek "cool?" I also think most of the so-call JJ-Trek fans are more vocal online (where it's safer) then out in public, and past seeing the films and buying the DVD/Blu-ray, don't seem to show their love the same way fans of the pre-Abrams era have and still do. But I could be wrong... (Probably not.)
Or, crazy idea: maybe plenty of us old-school fans actually like the reboot for its own sake?

Seriously, I appreciate that you're phrasing this in a cautious and civil way, but you're still falling into trap of suggesting that no real Trek fan could really like the reboot--and if they say they do, they must be fooling themselves or are just trying to fit in with the cool crowd.

Why not do people the courtesy of taking them at their word when it comes to their own opinions? And assuming that they actually know their own minds?

As for the demographic thing, why take it personally? It's by no means "disloyal" to us old-timers to acknowledge that we are not the only audience that matters--or even the most important one anymore. Star Trek started out as a prime-time show on NBC. It was always intended for general audiences, not a small, dedicated cult.

That's not a slap in the face to us lifelong fans. That's reality. Speaking as a fifty-plus Trekkie who got hooked on Trek way back in 1966, I understand that I am by no means the prime demographic anymore and I'm fine with that. Time moves on, generations come and go . . .that's just the way of things. To resent it or take it personally is, as they say, "highly illogical."

And, trust me, I'm not saying this because I want to sound "cool" or was ever embarrassed by being a Trekkie. You're talking to somebody who has been proudly flying his fan flag for his entire life.

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