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Re: The Future of Star Trek - Animation?

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I can't understand why so many of her fans seem to lack it.
It may also be that the core concept of Trek is just harder and harder to square with our times. The original show after all was essentially about the adventures of Horatio Hornblower in the American space navy, and about using that concept as a framework to tell a variety of stories in an SF setting. This concept gave it most of its major strengths, but a lot of the cultural backdrop that made it resonate -- the presumption that it was possible to succesfully idealize the age of tall ships (or gunboat diplomacy), the belief in uncomplicated American exceptionalism, the audience that was widely-acquainted with military men and military ideals, America's real status as a titan of economics and statesmanship which was expressed in the future "Earth" or "Federation" -- is just gone or vastly changed now. So updating it does become a real challenge.
As much as I may hate to admit it, you may have some truth there. Maybe our current society has changed too much to accept something like Star Trek. And I say that not just based on the JJ-Trek films, but the more dark and gritty versions of a lot of beloved characters from the past. Man of Steel comes to mind instantly, but there are others. Personally, I strongly dis-like the path we as a society have taken post 9/11 in the way we've changed and embraced the newer versions of classic literature, film and tv characters, many who easy can be said or prat of American myth and legend. I personally feel we are in a dark time period and I really hope it ends sooner than rather then later.

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First off, NO MORE RE-BOOTS! And I say that fully expecting we'll be seeing a re-boot of the current re-boot in a few years.
However, to your point - I think at this time it's pretty clear that the "iconic" version of Star Trek in the minds of general audienced is Kirk/Spock, which leads me to believe most further film and perhaps television are more likely to feature their adventures - so I'm betting you're "re-boot of the re-boot" will happen after the current Bad Robot series ends.
Personally, I feel Star Trek is bigger than Kirk or Spock. However, as much as it may annoy me a little, I'd have to agree about them being the center of the Star Trek world to general audiences.

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Here's how I would do an animated Star Trek:
It looks great, but personally, I either want to see a hand drawn show or if it must be CG, I say it's better to go for a more realistic look.

You know, if it looked realistic enough, maybe some fans who don't care for animated Trek might give it a try anyway? That said, that pesky "Uncanny Valley" might get in the way!
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