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Re: Fringe - A Review

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I also look at season 5 this way… It was simply a season-long case, if you think about it, and if the show were to continue in some form, I'm sure we'd see Walt return and everyone else back in the lab. It's that kind of show and when you get attached to characters like these and come to know the format and how things are done, it's a nice thought.
When season five was far from a sure thing, people behind the show released a statement that if the show wasn't picked up, they'd wrap everything up in a graphic novel. When it was picked up, they said they were basically making a thirteen hour movie. So, yes, it's one story stretched out and it feels a little thin in the first half. I am however, happy to have an ending. I think at some point John Noble said a movie wasn't out of the question, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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  • Now onto "Black Blotter" and my one-icon review... Click here to see what I'm talking about.
One of the best scenes of the entire season. Maybe, show.

  • I never put it together that the kid they found a few seasons earlier was a child observer.
When the episode aired, I seriously wondered if the end scene was September looking at himself.

  • We learned that the observers' condition is caused by the device they're implanted with. Then we learn that they're genetically engineered to be this way. Which is it?
  • They said they were going to explain why there were no female observers but they didn't, unless I missed a throwaway line or something.
The physical nature of the Observers is apparently genetically engineered. However, all of their "super powers" come from implanted devices. They are all test tube babies and I guess their future society sees no need for women. Hat's funny about this is that when we first see this future in season four, there's a night club full of Observers sitting and drinking with what appear to be high class female escorts. Maybe they couldn't resist the novelty of trying out the old fashioned way?

One thing that irritated me was the mystery of the Observers powers. The Peter captures one and it turns out he already knows they come from implants. Um, how?

Fauxlivia colors her hair, yet still has some gray streaks?
No kidding.

Here's another gripe: When Peter sends bombs into the future, he says it has no effect. And yet, all of the empty walls of the streets now have posters of his daughter. I thought it was going to mean something to the plot. It didn't.
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