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Re: Why are Trekkies so Hateful of Star Trek?

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OP you're part of the problem. You complain about 'haters', then admit you are one. You complain about STV haters calling them "silly" but say similar negative things about JJ-Trek.

The problem is people like you. And me. If you think its a problem, then stop complaining about JJ Trek.
First, who is "OP?" I'm assuming you mean me. I'm milojthatch.

Second, if I buy into what you are saying, I've only been "part of the problem" since 2009. There was litteraly nothing about Star Trek I felt passionate about in a negative way pre-Abrams.

Finally, if you actually payed attention to my post, my admitting my distaste of JJ-Trek was not so much an opportunity to once again slam the new series so much as to find common ground with others who hated aspect of Trek pre-Abrams. Kind of a "this is why I don't like (fill in the blank), is this the same reason you feel the way you do about (fill in the blank)?" Further, while pre-JJ-Trek I never got all the hate, heaven forbid I come off as a hypocrite and excuse my own modern rumblings.

It was also a question of why dis so passionately against things that are 20+ years old? As I explained, the primary reason I may slam the JJ-Trek films is the far out there hope that if enough fans agree with me and do the same, the power that be may notice and put an end to it. What's the point however of slamming a show that is clearly over? Or slamming a person who has nothing to do with Trek anymore.

You know, I may slam JJ Abrams, but for me at least, I'm slamming JJ Abrams the writer/director/producer, not the man. I've heard "fans" say some really horrid things in their passionate ramblings about guys like say Rick Berman for example that go well beyond his creative choices on Star Trek 10+ years ago. I don't feel that's cool and no, I don't feel that in that area I'm part of any "problem."

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I'd say I hate the last Star Trek film, but I couldn't really see what was happening through all the lens flare.

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Every fandom has fans who are resentful of the new material in favor of the "good old days." In some cases, it's considered normal fare to hate new product when it's first aired and released and continue hating it until five years has passed, then it gets re-watched and decided it's not as bad as everyone made it out to be and hella lot better than the current crap being churned out.

It's just a thing. Everyone has their things.
I agree, but part of my point is that fans are not just slamming new stuff, but large sections of "the good old days." Why?

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I think most of the 'hating' that goes on is really 'venting'. It creates the impression that people are more angry about something than they really are because they came online to vent about something they're currently angry about.

Also, when you are told you're going to get more of something you love, you expect it to be good in a similar way as that thing you love. It's the same with Final Fantasy 13. It's not a bad game, it's 'okay'. Too long a tutorial, too many cutscene interruptions, some writing issues, but decent in general. Just it's nowhere near as good as whichever Final Fantasy game you grew up playing, so you feel it broke the promise of quality it made to you by being called 'Final Fantasy', and get angry enough to come online to vent about it.
I agree, "venting" is probably a better word. Maybe this is how various groups of fans have felt over the years, but I know for me with Star Trek, I felt betrayed by Paramount with JJ-Trek. I've been a fan for far more of my life than not, spend countless hours on Star Trek, spend tons of money on Star Trek, and defended it during against non-fans and fans a like. And then here comes JJ-Trek and I'm basically told, not only is this not your fathers Star Trek, but it's not yours either. We want new fans, you don't matter any more. I felt like JJ Abrams and especially Paramount were giving me a huge middle finger.

Is this how TOS fans felt when TNG came out? Or TNG fans when Voyager came out? Maybe, and maybe while I don't fully get why they hate those shows, maybe I am now starting to understand their need to vent?

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milojthatch wrote: View Post
Then came JJ Trek and for the first time, I actually found something with the "Star Trek" name on it that I hated. I think (without writing a book or going into crazy detail), the main reason I hate JJ-Trek is due to the fact that literally nothing I loved about Star Trek pre-Abrams is found in these new films, or if it is, it's a poor man's version. I think the reason why I've become very vocal against it online really comes down to the fact that I want it to go away and never come back and the crazy hope that if enough fans feel the same way and are also vocal about it, the powers that be at Paramount might listen. I'm not dumb, I fully realize that the Star Trek I loved may never come back, but I also realize that if there is any kind of chance for that to happen somehow anyway, JJ-Trek has to go. I don't actually care that some actually like, or even love JJ-Trek, good for them. All I care about is that MY Star Trek comes back.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these words. I
I began to think that I was the only one having SERIOUS problems with JJ-Trek. (and with JJ in general as well. "Lost" was years of wasted time for a cheap and stupid solution that explained nothing, "Alias" was simply confusing and annoying, and I really don't care for anything this man does - I'm not so much into Star Wars, but Ep IV to VI are okay, but when JJ-Star Wars premieres I will probably start to LOVE Ep I to III.
JJ-Trek was the one thing the world didn't need.
Your welcome. I have a theory that most of the so-called JJ-Trek fans are not the majority of the Trek fan base. At best they are half of the fan base, and then even most of that are fair-weather fans who might have "loved" the 2009 film but turned on the 2013 film.

I have to wonder sometimes as well, do they really love the 2009 film or do they love the idea that society isn't mocking them for the moment because JJ Abrams made Star Trek "cool?" I also think most of the so-call JJ-Trek fans are more vocal online (where it's safer) then out in public, and past seeing the films and buying the DVD/Blu-ray, don't seem to show their love the same way fans of the pre-Abrams era have and still do. But I could be wrong... (Probably not.)

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A word to the wise...

The topic (as laid out by the OP) is broad enough to be inclusive of the entire Trek franchise, not just the new movies.

If you're (generic you) is only interested in bashing or praising JJ-Trek (or nu-Trek, or whatever), we have a forum specifically to discuss that portion of the franchise. THIS forum is not intended for discussions of a specific series, etc.
I agree, this discussion is meant for the whole franchise, which is why I wrote it in the General Star Trek board. Take another look?
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