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Re: R.I.P. - Russell Johnson, the "Professor" from Gilligan's Island

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Whenever a cast member from "Gilligan" dies, I'm reminded of a cartoon I saw when Alan (The Skipper) Hale Jr. died.

He's at the "pearly gates" and he says, "I played the skipper on Gilligan's Island." And St. Peter says, "We know, but we're letting you in anyway."
I don't think Gilligan's Island deserves the scorn it gets, certainly not in an era where popular entertainment is dominated by degrading "reality" shows and sharknadoes. It was a fun, charming, imaginative show, lowbrow in some ways but surprisingly clever in others.

I think the problem is that when it started out, it was a pretty lousy show, and the critics judged it accordingly and moved on. So by the time it got substantially better, they weren't paying attention anymore. But it's stood the test of time better than a lot of its contemporaries.
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