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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

Star Trek TNG - VOY as the ultra-pure "Do The Right Thing Absurdly Politically Correct New Age Management By Teams" is dead. It is no longer relate-able to an entire generation of fans. We have an entire generation now that has been brought up facing a growingly un-trustable government, is used to conspiracy theories an plots-within-plots... and is in general used to a darker level of storytelling. The happy-touchy-feely "LETS ALL DO THE RIGHT THING AFTER GETTING A TEAM CONSENSUS" just doesn't cut it with the audience anymore. That is why TNG failed in at the big-screen, plain and simple. The larger audience can't relate to it.

What seems to sell... darker stories involving flawed heroes working against a damaged/broken establishment and not quite succeeding all the way. That is what the majority of the fans want, and that is what New Trek brings to the table.

In order to keep Trek alive, it has to grow and adapt. Just like the shift we saw between TOS and TNG, we need to accept a shift in style. We can't keep living in the past, we are not going to get TNG back nor should we try to recreate something that just won't sell.

Going forward, we need New Trek to bring in new fans. It's time to pass the torch on to the next-next-generation.
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