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Re: TNG Caption This! 341: Continuing mission

Admiral Leadhead: Sorry folks but I've been fighting a cold all week and I'm not the best judge of comedy in that state. Either tomorrow or Saturday will be the start of the next contest. In the meantime, I fully encourage and support "LeadHead is late" captions, there'll be a special award for it....

The crew took Ned a little too seriously...

Data: Despite not having emotions, I must admit, after slaving away at captions all day, only to have Leadhead get sick and push off the contest again, all I can do is fantasy about crushing his head as if it were an ant's!

Riker: Leadhead being "sick," and postponing yet another contest was the last straw! I'm going off to start my own thread, who's with me?

Geordi: But, but, Leadhead promised he'd have the new thread up by this past Tuesday...

Picard: And you believed that bull merde?

Riker: *grunting, obviously in pain* Sir, how much longer must we stand here? I feel like I've been in the same position for 11 days.

Picard: A few more hours, a day at most, just hang in there Number One, I'm sure Leadhead will have the new contest up in no time.

Worf: A true Klingon warrior can go a month without moving in a caption contest without complaining, Sir.
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