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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

In the new Abrams film it seems like things happen for a reason and things have a knock on effect for the next film like the destruction of Vulcan making starfleet more militarized and discovering khan quicker. What if Khan's blood transfusion to Kirk did have an unexpected side effect. Im not saying he'd be a superman to the level of Khan but it may lead to slightly increased strength which would then give a plausible reason for why Kirk is able to physically go up against a Klingon. In the original series and movies he was able to fight Klingons way too easily when it was specified that Klingons were x10 the strength of humans.

Im all for seeing a massive space battle in the next film. Pretty sure its going to happen, all these films are blockbusters and going to contain a lot of action scenes. But so far Abrams has just shown the Enterprise having its ass kicked, I would like to see this newly upgraded Enterprise dishing out some hurting bombs of its own!
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