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Re: Fringe - A Review

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What did everyone else think of season 5?
I hated it, it was a waste of time, it wasn't Fringe anymore.
The ending annoyed me because of Walter's "sacrifice". So Walter's gone, big deal, we all know that if there's ever a continuation, in comic books maybe, he'll just show up at the end of the first issue,

I was already pissed off when season 4 dumped the blue universe and the original characters, except for Peter they were no longer the same characters we saw for the first few seasons. Giving new Olivia memories of Peter didn't make her the original Olivia, it was a cheat to bring back the relationship but I thought it was awful, she's in a relationship with Peter because she remembers the live of another woman.
Then it got worse, they got rid of the red universe (which also stopped being the real red universe in season 4), Lincoln Lee and everything that made the show great for me, until then I still had hope they would restore the blue universe but they didn't, they did some dystopian future crap.
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