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Re: Person of Interest Season 3

^I've always wondered why there's a lack of discussion for this show. I figured in the beginning is was the episodic nature of the show. This season the serialization has really kicked up, yet the posts remain about the same. Maybe next season we can put it in the SF&F forum and see if there's more active interest.

The most recent episodes have me fearing the Machine itself may become the enemy in the future. It's definitely becoming more bold in it's interactions with the world; speaking more or less directly to Control about how it guards, protects and wants to save us, how it sees Reese and the team as it's assets, and manipulating reality in real-time to get Reese on the required plane. You have to wonder what other actions it's taking to achieve it's own goals. I also wonder about how the Machine will react when a new member of it's own kind (Samaritan) starts to invade.

Interesting stuff coming up to be sure.
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