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Re: Action hero Picard

Sir Patrick Stewart always kept himself in great shape - partly because he likes young(er) women - so, I've never had a hard time believing that any of his characters, including Jean Luc Picard, were able of kicking some ass. Also, I've never forgotten what Picard was like in his youth, and I seriously doubt that he has. But he keeps that part of him in check, now. Picard's not timid, or weak, but he had become more thoughtful after his heart replacement. Think first ... then take action. Thing was, action wasn't always required, when sometimes it was just a matter of dialogue, or an introduction of a third party to the mix. But it's welcome, at least for me, to see the "old" Picard get to come out and remind him of his younger days. Seeing him scratching his itch to dog the Argo on the rough terrain of an alien landscape was but one notable expression of this ...
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