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Re: Fringe - A Review

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I enjoyed the episodes but I was also surprised to see how mundane they were for a two-part season finale. Part 1 was pretty much a case of the week episode. And when the season ended, I didn't feel much in the way of closure.
This is pretty much what I meant when I said they didn't spend enough time on some things. The finale, which may have actually been the series finale since season five was far from a sure thing, felt very rushed. It brought back William Bell, it answered the Olivia must die angle, William Bell actually came out and said Walter was the villain of the series the whole time and didn't know it, and yet it was a little ho hum as an episode. Odd.
I can see that. The end of season 5 did something similar. In fact, I feel about season 5 the way you and many others do about season 4. Too slow in many parts and too rushed in others.

Here we go…

Season 5

If any season can be called a reinvention, this is it. It was the most radical change yet, but it wasn't without its faults. I went in with a lot of expectations. I thought that we'd get present day episodes interspersed with ones that took place in the future like the very end of season 4 did. Then I came to realize that the whole season would be in the future. I was disappointed because this meant that a number of things from season 4 wouldn't be addressed, namely the fate of the alternate universe as well as Fauxlivia, Peter's son and the supposed choice he was supposed to make between her and Olivia. All dropped. You could fault season 4 for not adressing these but since I thought they'd be picked up in season 5, I lay some of the blame here. I'm guessing that with the show struggling in the ratings, they wanted to move on quickly and get some of their other ideas made.

So, I continued watching, unimpressed with most of the season which was dedicated to finding the various pieces of some device. Then in the last few episodes, things really started to pick up and they revisited a few threads from the past to tie them up. At this point I became a little more forgiving. Things were coming together and paying off. They even took us back to the alternate universe for one episode and gave us some closure there. I was happy with that. And with this bit of satisfaction in place, I came to think of season 5's future setting as a pretty cool development. Another positive thing I liked was how the characters had become family and trusted allies. They weren't just co-workers or associates anymore. Okay, I take that back. It wasn't just a positive thing, it was a highlight.

Now for the actual ending… I thought it was anticlimactic. I don't have much to say about it. It was "mission accomplished" but it was sort of just "there". It's not something that will stay with me as one of TV's great endings.

I also look at season 5 this way… It was simply a season-long case, if you think about it, and if the show were to continue in some form, I'm sure we'd see Walt return and everyone else back in the lab. It's that kind of show and when you get attached to characters like these and come to know the format and how things are done, it's a nice thought.

The usual random stuff…
  • Pretty convenient that the lab is still aroud and they can work there without anyone going to check.

  • Thinking back to season 1, the people in the bus who were trapped in amber could have been revived but they didn't know that at the time. Who knows… Maybe the writers didn't either.

  • Jenni Blong! That's who Walter's old assistant was. She's on The Booth at the End which is a great little show, by the way. Check it out if you can.

  • Now onto "Black Blotter" and my one-icon review... Click here to see what I'm talking about. This is the kind of show to do this on occasion and Walter is the kind of character to make it happen. Well done. Watching it again, I see that some of the glyphs that appear before the commercial breaks appear as live characters. In fact, the sequence contains a lot of stuff from Walter's thoughts and subconscious. Gotta give a shoutout to Broyles' acid trip too.

  • I never put it together that the kid they found a few seasons earlier was a child observer.

  • We learned that the observers' condition is caused by the device they're implanted with. Then we learn that they're genetically engineered to be this way. Which is it?

  • They said they were going to explain why there were no female observers but they didn't, unless I missed a throwaway line or something.

  • I did wonder what happened to the cow. Glad it's alright. They didn't have to address that but they did.

  • Fauxlivia colors her hair, yet still has some gray streaks?

  • I still don't know what the glyphs during the commercial breaks mean. Abrams said that they mean something. Haven't thought much about it though.

What did everyone else think of season 5?
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