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Re: What are the core and best episodes?

Bad Thoughts wrote: View Post
Season four was the valentine to fans that TATV was not.
Well said!

MacLeod wrote: View Post
The irony is that the previous episode finished on a high note, wih lets explore the galaxy together.
If ENT had finished its run with Terra Prime, I would have been content. (Well, I still would have wanted season five, but you know what I mean.)

teacake wrote: View Post
To be fair* though Trek kind of sucks at stirring speeches. Maybe we should be glad we only have a few lines.
What, you don't get misty-eyed hearing about the gazelles?

*to be fair to the speech, not to be fair to TATV which deserves to be shat on from orbit
Not from orbit. It would be too easy to miss.
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