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Re: Action hero Picard

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From what I read/heard, Sir Stewart requested it because he felt it was needed for Picard to grow as a character. and IMO it makes sense, the CO of a ship has to be hands on when required, not just monitor the away team from the bridge, say "make it so", or "engage".

Starship Mine and Captain's Holiday are two of my favourite TNG eps anyhow. And a bad Picard-centric episode is like a snowy day in the Rub Al'Khali, it's never been known to happen lol..
Just a reminder that when referring to someone who has been knighted, it's "Sir (first name)." So in this case, it's "Sir Patrick," not "Sir Stewart."

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I must admit I'm quite baffled by the whole debate over 'Erudite Picard' versus 'Action Picard.' I've always seen both those facets combining to create the whole. With Picard, TNG canon has given us a rich, multi-faceted character; one who reads ancient Greek and Latin classics and Shakespeare as well as hard-boiled detective novels. He plays the flute as well as rides horses, fences, and does a little rock climbing. He drinks tea as well as Aldebaran whiskey. He is a diplomat who appears to have a certain degree of special ops training. Like the TOS episode "The Enemy Within" did with Kirk's character, TNG's episode "Tapestry" does a beautiful job of showing that it takes both the erudite and well as the "Hell bent for leather" ensign who was stabbed through the heart in a barroom brawl facets to make Picard the flagship captain. Picard is the erudite who can rise to the role of action hero when the situation requires.

As far as being the 'muscle,' how many of you guys are built like this?

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Jean-Luc Picard is a true Renaissance man in every sense that counts. He's accomplished in the arts and sciences, he's highly literate, he's athletic, he's equally at home in any social setting from the gutter to the highest echelons, he's a military man and a diplomat, he's multilingual (Federation Standard/English, French, and at least some Klingon), he's a fighter and a lover, and not afraid to lead by example.

And his portrayer, Patrick Stewart, looks damn fine in a short Roman tunic!
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