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Kirk, the PD, "The Omega Glory" and "Miri"

Sorry if this has been discussed to death, but in "The Omega Glory" what with the greatness of the PD angle, the batshit craziness of the immortality angle and the ludicrousness of the American flag coming out...I only just noticed (even though Spock points it out)...

Kirk, for all his mouth service, blew the PD out of the f***ing water. All Tracey did was try and save a peaceful nation from savages. (putting aside any other motives he may have had).

Kirk, tries to alter the destiny of an entire planet! If Kirk had just beamed up after he won (as he would and should have if an unfamiliar flag and document were marched out) the Yangs would have looted, pillaged, started executions and some 1,000 years of civilization would have gone down the toilet.

"Well, all he did was explain to them the true meaning of their own documents." Well who the **** asked you to do that Kirk?? That's blatant interference.

By the way, this calls into question Kirk's actions in "The Apple". There Kirk says the PD only applies to a living, growing civilization. WHAT?? Well obviously the civilization on the Omega Glory planet isn't growing, in fact it's about to take a giant step backwards. But the PD very much applies.

edit: A couple of other things, I'm watching the episode now. The psychopathic and greed angle of Tracey is completely unnessecery. His character would have been much more compelling if he felt some grief over killing Galloway and if he had violated the PD out of a true desire to provide immortality to people and not out of greed.

Also, in Miri a couple of things.

1) So the landing parties are in the habit of beaming down without ascertaining if the dangerous germs are about? Smart Kirk, real smart.

2) Had this been a TNG episode, Picard would have held back the cure from the inhabitants because curing them would violate the PD.

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