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Re: Why are Trekkies so Hateful of Star Trek?

I could see people feeling "helpless" if they're really hoping for Paramount to listen to them. (Which, you know, it isn't happening unless you have some sort of large organized campaign or something.) I hope not too many people are expecting that from their ramblings on a message board.

Personally, insofar as "being in a minority" has ever really affected me it was mostly in the early days of trying to work out what was going on with ST09 as a cultural phenomenon (my Personal Journey being not unlike this guy's after I followed rave reviews promising me an "intelligent" reboot and then... well). Frankly I feel much less in the "minority" as time passes, the whole thing has actually become a pretty fascinating exercise in trendspotting and learning about contemporary Hollywood. I'm mostly just curious now to see if my instincts about the current franchise prove sound.
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