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Re: Star Trek -- Project: Potemkin "The Night the Stars Fell from the

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That's a very interesting point, Halliwell. It's true we don't know what setting that device was on when it was used. And you might be right about Sarat's fate and possibly future. You certainly are right about the nature of his character, though. Did you think the Odessa Steps homage was too much?
Definitely not. It was intense and needed to be shown. I'm reminded of the tales we've heard over the years about the Cardassian's treatment of Bajoran women and children. Heard about it but not shown. I think in this case it needed to be shown just how far Sarats willing to go. As the audience, it took away all doubt that he is an evil character. That last shot, with the only remaining child, looking him in the eye as he fires his phaser was a pretty powerful moment.

Also, the homage helped the audience "feel", for the lack of a better term, T'Noshi's pain and her guilt when she returns to Potemkin. In a way that would have been lessened had we not gone through the experience with her. You go from not knowing her in the beginning of the film to knowing a great deal about her, making her request both logical and emotional at the same time. You know if it wasn't for her pain and guilt and the knowledge he killed children with Starfleet weapons, Gregory may not have done what he did.
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