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Re: What are the core and best episodes?

The irony is that the previous episode finished on a high note, wih lets explore the galaxy together. The problem with TATV is that it was a series fianlé and it wasn't about the ENT characters but about TNG characters. ST has done so called valentine's to the fans before DSN's "Trials and Tribble-ations" and VOY's "Flashback", for me the best of thos has to be DSN's. It seemed as if everyone involved in making it went the extra mile.

I might have ended TATV with showing the actual signing of the Federation Charter, as for archer's speech all you have to do is have the first few lines of it.
On the continent of wild endeavour in the mountains of solace and solitude there stood the citadel of the time lords, the oldest and most mighty race in the universe looking down on the galaxies below sworn never to interfere only to watch.
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