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Re: The Future of Star Trek - Animation?

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I can't understand why so many of her fans seem to lack it.
Berman-era Trek languished a long, long time in comparative mediocrity (and worse) before the end came with Nemesis. It's been a long road, so to speak, gettin' from there to here.

It may also be that the core concept of Trek is just harder and harder to square with our times. The original show after all was essentially about the adventures of Horatio Hornblower in the American space navy, and about using that concept as a framework to tell a variety of stories in an SF setting. This concept gave it most of its major strengths, but a lot of the cultural backdrop that made it resonate -- the presumption that it was possible to succesfully idealize the age of tall ships (or gunboat diplomacy), the belief in uncomplicated American exceptionalism, the audience that was widely-acquainted with military men and military ideals, America's real status as a titan of economics and statesmanship which was expressed in the future "Earth" or "Federation" -- is just gone or vastly changed now. So updating it does become a real challenge.

But I got hope.
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