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Re: Why are Trekkies so Hateful of Star Trek?

Rarewolf wrote: View Post
So in other words nostalgia isn't as good as it used to be.
A trend which one hopes will eventually dispel the Endless Vortex of Cynical Remakes.

J. Allen wrote:
It still passes through that lens of nostalgia. The cold light of day's got nothing on warm, fuzzy feelings of yesteryear.
I dunno. The vaguer form of warm, fuzzy nostalgia hasn't worked against NuTrek so far as I can see, far from it. NuTrek is designed very effectively and precisely to exploit it, and has done its job.

What's likelier to work against it is people actually being able to see and compare the real article of yesteryear, and not just fuzzy memories of it, with the new property. The warm, fuzzy feelings of yesteryear haven't done much to preserve my affections for TNG Trek; by contrast I was once wont to misremember TOS as being far cheesier and pulpier than it actually was. The ability to re-view it at will has blunted that tendency a lot for me and taught me respect for the old series I didn't previously have. Without that, NuTrek would probably have seemed a lot cleverer to me than it does.
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