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Re: Why are Trekkies so Hateful of Star Trek?

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Then came JJ Trek and for the first time, I actually found something with the "Star Trek" name on it that I hated. I think (without writing a book or going into crazy detail), the main reason I hate JJ-Trek is due to the fact that literally nothing I loved about Star Trek pre-Abrams is found in these new films, or if it is, it's a poor man's version. I think the reason why I've become very vocal against it online really comes down to the fact that I want it to go away and never come back and the crazy hope that if enough fans feel the same way and are also vocal about it, the powers that be at Paramount might listen. I'm not dumb, I fully realize that the Star Trek I loved may never come back, but I also realize that if there is any kind of chance for that to happen somehow anyway, JJ-Trek has to go. I don't actually care that some actually like, or even love JJ-Trek, good for them. All I care about is that MY Star Trek comes back.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these words. I
I began to think that I was the only one having SERIOUS problems with JJ-Trek. (and with JJ in general as well. "Lost" was years of wasted time for a cheap and stupid solution that explained nothing, "Alias" was simply confusing and annoying, and I really don't care for anything this man does - I'm not so much into Star Wars, but Ep IV to VI are okay, but when JJ-Star Wars premieres I will probably start to LOVE Ep I to III.
JJ-Trek was the one thing the world didn't need.
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