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Are you guys still here?
I'm not a trekkie but I joined just to post on this thread. I have read all 145 pages, and it is genuinely amazing to see an actual friendly minecraft community. I play but I have never found a server with people as nice as you all seem to be- Even Kestra (was it kestra?) the "griefer at heart" :P
This has changed my life in a way. I no longer doubt all of humankind, just most.
Haha did I say that? I'm actually super friendly, just a bit mischievous. The server has been quiet lately and was mostly my boyfriend and I playing until ZR just showed up.

TrekBBS in general is pretty great, so you should consider sticking around. Most of us came here because of Trek but discuss other things in other forums now. How did you come across TrekBBS?
I didn't come across TrekBBS- I came across this thread. Someone linked it on (I think) PMC for some reason, and I just read it all. Took me about a week.
I was not intending to say you weren't a nice person, it was meant to be a kind of joke. I guess it didn't work. You did say that though!

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