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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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Yeah, definitely. I think that in single-player, the smaller city size could have maybe been designed as sort of villages that are played individually, forming a bigger city as it grows, similar to burroughs or hamlets, etc.
Like SimCity4? Each city was part of a grid, so when you ran out of room in one city you could begin building in the neighbouring city and feel like you were working on a single giant city. That would have been a decent workaround for the small city sizes, but for some reason they chose to space them out across the regions with nothing but wilderness dividing them.

Something like that, and in a sense, the different player cities sort of amount to that, I guess, since you do end up sharing resources. But they've made the small city size too definitive through game mechanics. Through the logic of Simcity, it doesn't seem like the cities really progress beyond being a small village, and that's a shame. Ironically, I think if they'd have found a way to make bigger cities, they could have had player cities join up to become one large city, all working together with different specialized resources. So you'd go from people being mayors, to regional councillors with a chance of being elected mayor for a certain amount of time. In this way, they could have factored out a more socially engaging game.
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