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Re: American Horror Story - Coven

If Zoe turns out to be the next Supreme, I will kill myself and everyone I hold dear.

I mean really? Does that fucking sociopath deserve anything other than the shit on her shoe?

First she pulls a Willow Rosenberg by defying the most sacred laws of reality by sloppily resurrecting a dismember guy from DIFFERENT body parts. She's either incredibly thick, or she's a nut-job. Motive for this cosmic violation? Teenage hormones.

Also, killing that Butler doesn't make you a 'champion' Zoe, it just means you're as unscrupulous and violent as Madison, Fiona and every other witch in that ridiculous coven. I actually can see why the witch hunters want them dead - they are fucking dangerous, monstrous beings.

Actually, come to think of it, who isn't a sociopath on this show? Cordelia and Myrtle are the only ones in the coven I wouldn't get a restraining order against, but Myrtle seems to have lost the plot, and Cordelia is too weak-willed. Still, I guess they are non-sociopaths. The closest I can think of to a proper, normal person was Luke next door, and he's chewing coffin dust six feet down under now. Plus he was boring.

Coven is a fucking MESS, from a narrative point of view, and this is made more apparent as it nears its end. Still pretty entertaining though, maybe even because of said flaw, and definitely the best season thus far.
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