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Re: What are the core and best episodes?

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Really? Didn't we all agree that this never happened?
Uh, there were a few who liked the episode.
Riker LARPs in the middle of a political and personal crisis. It's not essential to Enterprise, whether you like it or not.
First, while I admit it had it's flaws, I count myself as a fan that enjoyed "These Are The Voyage..." and appreciate what they were trying to do. In my own personal opinion, I feel that had it been a two hour show instead of a one hour show, it would have been a better show. I felt they were trying to cram too much stuff into such a small amount of time, and the story suffered for it.

Second, besides being the last episode of the show, TATV is essential to the over all arc of the show as it was in part about the founding of the Federation. Seriously, how much more essential can you get than that? Yes, I admit I wish we had actually heard Archer's speech, but again, read my first paragraph.
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