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Re: The Future of Star Trek - Animation?

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Only one problem, though, for the show shown in the picture, would the cast members want to do voices of the characters, especially considering that Stewart and Spiner basically said good-bye to their roles with Nemesis? If they don', other actors might have to be hired to do the voices of Picard & Data, or all of the characters if the originals don't want to come back (although this might solve Michael Dorn's problem of coming back as Worf.)
As a pointed out in my original post, both Stewart and Spiner are also noted voice actors. I'm not saying they would, but if they ever were to come back to the Picard and Data roles, I'd wager this is the only way it would happen.

Based on what I've read from interviews with both of them, I don't think they would be against such an idea. Keep in mind back in 2002, they were both giddy about the idea of one more film. I think in 2014, the issue for both isn't so much a desire to move on from Trek so much as Trek seems to have moved on from them and it's a lot of hard work making live action Star Trek.

I mean my gosh, Brent Spiner had to wake up at some ungodly hour of the day for weeks, even months to put on the Data make-up and he had to keep it on the whole day. Even while he ate or went to the bathroom. Now compare that to coming to work for an hour or two in your pj's if you so wish to do voice acting work. Now seriously, which one would you want to do?

Hober Mallow wrote: View Post
I think animation is the future of Star Trek, but it's going to be -- and should be -- a reboot. Berman-Trek is done.
First off, NO MORE RE-BOOTS! And I say that fully expecting we'll be seeing a re-boot of the current re-boot in a few years.

As for Roddenberry/Berman-Trek (The two versions are in fact, one in the same), it may be done, and if it is, I personally feel I'm starting to come to peace with that sad fact. However, never say never. Clearly, I'm not the only fan who misses the so-called "Prime" Universe. Nothing wrong for having hope. Frankly, that's what's wrong with the World today, not enough hope! We are all so cynical and brooding. In the case of Star Trek, the show is all about hope. That is one of the big themes that attracted me to the franchise in the first place. I can't understand why so many of her fans seem to lack it. *sigh*
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