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Re: What would be the Borg Queen's designation?

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But Sci, you yourself said up front that it was about whether the Queen had a designation. A Borg designation, which is what we've been talking about throughout this whole thread, is not a name, but a numerical descriptor of placement and function, such as "7 of 9, tertiary adjunct of Unimatrix 01." The question on the table is whether the Queen has, essentially, a "part number" like other drones do. Or maybe an IP address is the right analogy?

Triumphant's point is that "neocortex" is the designator for that part of the brain, the label that specifies its function within the whole.
Let me put it this way:

You knew, from a very young age, that you had a hand. You knew what your hand was; you had a sense of your hand as being a part of you, but also as being a distinct part of you. Or a foot. Or a nose. These things were things you could clearly sense and distinguish within yourself. Some of the first words you ever learned were names for those parts of your body.

But you did not know you had a neocortex until you were told that it existed by someone else, likely years after you learned of your hand and your nose and your foot. Until someone told you about your neocortex, you had no idea it existed, no name for it. You had no sense of your neocortex as a distinct part of your body; your neocortex was seamlessly integrated into your self-identity, because it was invisible to you.

I am suggesting that the Queen may be the same way. That she, in other words, is as seamlessly integrated into the Borg Collective's consciousness as a neocortex is into a Human's -- to the point where they literally may not have a separate term for the Queen within their collective mind.
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