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Re: DS-9 - ship Kitbashes

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I'm surprised that "Flare" is still around. I remember when it was a happening place.
Yeah, while I love Flare and consider it the most knowledgeable group of starship and Trek tech experts I've ever chatted with, I'm afraid its glory days are behind it (mostly because of a lack of new Trek to chat about...)

Anyway, thanks for the shoutout, Starship. I originally built those models both as a homage to the BoBW kitbashes that Ed Miarecki built, and an homage to Franz Joseph (the Ptolemy). I was originally going to build the Ptolemy in the same configuration as FJ's TOS version, but found that the upside-down orientation was much cooler looking

Since I built those models I've made some changes to them. I've added a secondary hull underneath the Ptolemy's saucer, made from a small "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" mini flying sub. The larger Typhoon submarine part above the ship is now a detachable starliner with "Astral Queen" written on the side (a predecessor to the original from TOS "conscience of the King." The Tolstoy is no longer the Tolstoy, as I'll be building a different version of the Rigel class based on another unfinished Miarecki design.

I'll take some better pics soon (those pics above were taken years ago with a shitty digital camera...I think my iPhone has a better cam than what I used there, lol)
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