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Re: star trek vs star wars in five minutes question

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There is precious little science within the Star Wars universe, and so it's hard to have a framework in which to discuss such things in any logical discussion, much less a debate.
To be fair, you could probably manage it with NuTrek, which deliberately imitates the scientific literacy levels of the 1930s serials.

On the one hand this should be a no-contest, because between "red matter," "transwarp beaming" and Khan's blood, the NuTrek Federation has planet-smashing technology, the ability to instantly teleport across the galaxy, and functional immortality. OTOH its penchant for totally illogical behavior would make the contest a lot closer than it ought to be.
Wow, what a witty slam!
Actually I was being totally in earnest. This is a witty slam:

"Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most... human."
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