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Re: star trek vs star wars in five minutes question

There actually is a mod for GalCiv2 Twilight of the Arnor which is called Star Trek vs, Star Wars. Within that strategy game mod, you play as any number of races within the Star Trek universe, or you can choose to play factions within the Star Wars universe. It features tech for both universes as well as ships.

If you're looking for a serious question about this, I don't think you've framed the question properly yet.

From a cinematic perspective, George Lucas probably never intended for that kind of question when he began the franchise. Star Wars is based upon Japanese chambara films (samurai films) of the 1940s-1970s, and that's why Darth Vader has armor of a futuristic samurai style. The Force is nothing more that Ki, a Japanese name for the original Chinese concept of Chi.

In essence Star Wars IV is The Hidden Fortess by Akira Kurosawa.

The ships are derived from WW1 planes and their movements within an atmoshere. The overall genre based upon serialized films of the 1930s and beyond.

There is precious little science within the Star Wars universe, and so it's hard to have a framework in which to discuss such things in any logical discussion, much less a debate.
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