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Re: What would be the Borg Queen's designation?

But Sci, you yourself said up front that it was about whether the Queen had a designation. A Borg designation, which is what we've been talking about throughout this whole thread, is not a name, but a numerical descriptor of placement and function, such as "7 of 9, tertiary adjunct of Unimatrix 01." The question on the table is whether the Queen has, essentially, a "part number" like other drones do. Or maybe an IP address is the right analogy?

Triumphant's point is that "neocortex" is the designator for that part of the brain, the label that specifies its function within the whole. Just as "aileron" or "fanbelt" or "modem" is a designator of a component's function within a machine. The Borg Collective is a machine/organism in which the drones are the individual components, and those components are all labeled with numerical and verbal descriptors identifying their place in the whole. So the question is, what would be the descriptor for the Queen? It isn't "Queen," since that's an analogy to a component of an insect colony, which is in turn an analogy to a role within a human sociopolitical hierarchy. But it's not just "The Borg," because she's just the part of the Borg that focuses and channels the group mind's activity and gives it volition, much like the human frontal lobe.

What we do know is that the organizational substructure the Queen belongs to is called Unimatrix One. (Oddly, this is apparently not the same thing as Unimatrix Zero One, which Seven was part of.) So her designation might be something like "One of One, primary nexus of Unimatrix One." Or maybe just "Primary nexus of Unimatrix One."
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