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star trek vs star wars in five minutes question

Constructive critisms please and feedback on your thoughts about this.
Being science Fiction the who would win would be determined by the story ,directors and writers regardless of any technology.
For things like Tech Manuels giving scientific numbers like power outputs these are irrelevant when comparing different TV shows as the science are different even if using the same unit of measurement.
For instance if you think of two hovercars from each sci fi franchise both can reach 100mph however star trek says it takes 100bhp and star wars says it takes 200bhp to go that fast then when you compare the two you would assume the star wars car can travel twice as fast as the star trek car because it has twice the power. Dispite the numbers being official they should only be used to compare vehicles from there own universes.
The empire would clearly win as it has massive military and is a huge threat to the UFP,but thats why its will also lose. Star trek films are made for the enterprise to go against overwhelming odds like saving earth by going back in time without a time machine to bring back extinct whales. If the protagonist is starfleet then the empire will lose again by inferior forces because star trek is about hope and optimism.
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