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Re: Helix - Ron Moore

The actors name is Catherine Lemieux, and she is playing the character of Dr. Doreen Boyl.

She is a person with feelings.

And frankly when I used the word "Huge", I was looking at Pam from Archer, who is a 2 dimensional cartoon bare knuckled sumu wrestler, and it kinda all bled together.

But it's not just "Doreen's" sturdiness, it's the southern accent (Pam is not southern? She sounds like a pig squeeling most of the time, that's Southern.) and forthrightness, which demands the two figures by compared side by side.

I want her physically because she's big, so I should be able to talk about how great her bigness is.

You have your fetish, I have mine.

And yes, Doreen IS the only likeable character.
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