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Re: The Future of Star Trek - Animation?

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Just a little something to wet the animated Star Trek appetite...
Holy shit, that looks just like the DCAU animation style (Batman: The Animated Series, Superman; The Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, Batman Beyond
, etc. Maybe CBS could set up its own animation studio and hire away Bruce Timn and Paul Dini as showrunners.

Only one problem, though, for the show shown in the picture, would the cast members want to do voices of the characters, especially considering that Stewart and Spiner basically said good-bye to their roles with Nemesis? If they don', other actors might have to be hired to do the voices of Picard & Data, or all of the characters if the originals don't want to come back (although this might solve Michael Dorn's problem of coming back as Worf.)

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