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Re: Star Trek -- Project: Potemkin "The Night the Stars Fell from the

We were shooting in 95-98 F weather with humidity around 70%, even though we weren't in direct sunlight. The scene where they are walking around as viewed from above was shot from an overlook built above the river. Unfortunately, there was a drought that year and the river was dry. The alien looking trees are just the roots and bases of the Black Cyprus.

So, no, we tried not to overdo the clothing for our all too Human cast members. Even so, there was one day (when we shot in the physical set of the T'Mek city) when we had three cast members practically faint, and we had to stop filming to perform first aid and rehydrate them immediately. Sunstroke is a serious matter in the Deep South.

Lastly, if you'd like to know more about the location we shot TNTSFFTS, I'd like to direct you to this site: To show how severe the drought was, the bottom left picture is the usual view from the gazebo that served as Sarat's HQ. The top left picture is the area we shot ARCHWAY at. It's a wonderful location, and the staff was very nice!
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