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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Another OitNB alum is writing her memoir.

I know we've seen various interviews of Uzo, was this one of them?

The caption under this one made me laugh.

Now it looks like Natasha is blaming everything on Laura for leading her astray.

Looks like Natasha dumped her date for someone new.

This one just made me wonder... about the guy in the background.

I KNEW if I looked long enough, I'd find all 4 of them in 1 shot.

Hmmm, should we ask Taylor if it still smelled when she got there?

And that blurb explains this Lyonne caption.

The only thing this next link has to do with OitNB is the headline... but I love it anyway!

IMHO... OitNB is getting "blamed" / "credited" for more than is necessary.

Fig in the prison library, thanking everyone for the people's choice win.

More Uzo!

And I thought the green hair at NYC Paleyfest was weird.

I got to admit, I like this color better than that green.

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