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Re: Lois, Clark & Superman?

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I've read about that before. At the same time, just because the creator had an idea for a long running character doesn't mean it was a good idea.

See, e.g., George Lucas and the prequels.
He wasn't a long-running character when they considered doing it...he was only a couple of years old....
As noted here, way back in Superman 45, Jerry Seigel wrote a story where he inexplicably decided that Superman was no also a telepath and a shapeshifter.

It was quickly forgotten. Should even more powers, and especially those powers, have become "a traditional aspect of the mythos in the decades to the Daily Planet, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, bald Luthor, and Kryptonite"?

I'd say no. I suspect most people would say no.

But it was written by his creator.

Thereby proving that just because the creator came up with the idea doesn't mean it was necessarily a good one.
If you'd used that phrasing in the first place, I wouldn't have contested it. But your previous argument involved describing 1940 Superman as a "long running character", which is flat out wrong.

So that temporary bit of business you cite went the way of the Daily Star, George Taylor, Luthor with hair, and other things that didn't stick. That doesn't change the point. Had they let Lois in on the secret that early, and had it stuck, we would now consider Lois knowing the secret to be a traditional aspect of the Superman mythos.

Superman was still very much a young character in development in 1940...many things that are now considered traditional aspects of the mythos were just coming into being or even still years away. Likening developments in the growth of a two-year-old character to Lucas revisiting Star Wars two decades later is apples to oranges.
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