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Re: Lois, Clark & Superman?

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The point I was trying to make is that in the movie, he never really was Superman. He was just some dude in a stupid pair of pajamas supposedly masquerading as alien armor (which looked even more silly when his opponents wore actual alien armor), and an off-hand comment here and there mentioning the word "super" in equally silly ways. It was only a Superman movie because we, the audience, knew he was supposed to be Superman, but in the movie, he never really was. Let alone Superman who needed a civilian persona -- whether it was who he really was or not -- in order to escape any fame or persecution he'd suffer when not out saving the world.

He was just some... dude.
You mean just some dude... who can fly, shoot laser beams out of his eyes, lift a bus-load of kids out of the water, battle a bunch of supervillains all by himself, and who saved the entire planet from being destroyed?

Issues with the movie aside, he sure looked and acted a lot like Superman to me.

And he was hardly wearing a pair of pajamas. It was just the regular suit every Kryptonian wore, upon which you could also attach some armor when you went into battle (or other regalia if you were a senator or dignitary of some kind).
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