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Re: STID: Kirk's Brain Damage

Maybe T'Pau could have performed a mind meld with him during Spock's pon farr to fix his neural pathways, while Uhura was fighting T'Pring to the death. Unfortunately, they are both dead now, so Kirk's fucked.

What a destiny, after all that to end up homicidal, power-mad, despotic and insane, going around the galaxy to blow up stars to lure the Nexus. Their only hope is travel back in time in a Klingon ship to pick some T'Paus from the past. Unless he settles for a couple of Spocks. Uh-oh, here comes Star Trek: The Wrath of Nyota.

Really. We can avoid all the headaches if they dig up B4's head from under San Francisco. They could ask him for the recipe to The Doctor's nanoprobe snake oil cure-all. If Khan's blood and Borg nanoprobes doesn't sound promising, I don't know what does. (Mixing in some of Walter Bishop's preparations?!)
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