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Re: TF: Peaceable Kingdoms by Dayton Ward Review Thread (Spoilers!)

So, now that we've wrapped up the 5 book series, can we agree R&D was a failure? Only people supporting it were the 'wait and see how it pays off in the rest of the series' folks, and now that we got there: it didn't. It was maybe a setup for new DS9 books in the future, but really didn't do much for the Fall arc, and definitely didn't stand alone.

Final book felt ok, but not quite as 'big' as I was hoping for to wrap up this 'event' arc. Everything ended ok, and the book was enjoyable, i was just expecting a bit more. Anyone have a decent explanation for what "fell" in "the Fall"? Not sure I see that part. Lends itself to expecting something epic, but in reality, what changed? Yes, Bacco was assassinated, but after some moustache twirling, we got a reasonable replacement that will carry on her agenda. Really the only thing that 'fell' was Bashir, as far as I can tell. Federation and Starfleet are both fine, Dax got her reset button, Picard is off on new and exciting adventures. Titan got the shaft a little, but sure Riker will take her back out shortly.

maybe I'm nitpicking a series name that the editors picked to push sales, but really can't figure out where the series title was supposed to lead. And of the 5, Crimson Shadow and Ceremony of Losses were really the standouts. Look forward to new stories that are actually about exploration vice politics, though...
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