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Re: TOS: That Which Divides by Dayton Ward Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Eh, maybe it's just personal preference, but I get annoyed when people just post links to their own sites to drive traffic there. At the very least, post a review here and link to your site if they want more. Just seem to get a lot of the "I read this, check out my review HERE" type posts rather than people actually discussing it.

Plus the bump was on an almost 2 year old thread.

just my opinion, but was expecting more from the review, as well. Kind of a generic paragraph, didn't get much into the book at all. About as in-depth as the back cover blurb, really. The one sentence "verdict" part was the only part that really felt like it was reviewing the book, rest just kinda mentioned the author or a couple generic items/characters.

Not really trying to make it a big deal, just felt a little off with the necro for what the review ended up being, and no content here, just driving traffic elsewhere...

Personally, felt this book fell a bit flat. Nothing really wrong with the structure or characters, that all felt good, just didn't feel like a story that needed telling (or re-reading) when it was done. There's the tease of the topic in the book title, but that ended up being a side note at best, and didn't really feel like a part of the story. Wasted potential IMO.
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