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Re: A polled thread about thread polls.

Revised poll (a second too late to edit anyway). I hope no one thinks I'm poking fun, I've embraced my geekyness and dorkatude (I can be envious of nerds sometimes too). Posting thread later.

Poll question:
What kind of Trekkie are you?

Answers so far:
A) I'm a Star Trek Nerd - "I've read the manuals, the encyclopedia, their specifications, I know how it works."
B) I'm a Star Trek Geek - "I've seen all the episodes (of that series), do you remember when..."
C) I'm a Star Trek Dork - "I collect figures, outfits, trinkets, you name it, I got it."
A and B - "I'm deeply committed to the mythos, not much on the paraphernalia."
A and C - "I put more time in everything else (books, games, or collectables) than the show."
B and C - "I've seen all of that series and I'm a collector. I don't know the specifications."
A, B, and C - "I'm a hardcore Trekkie."
Any last minute tips?
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