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TSQ, I'm glad you're feeling better! Being in hospital on Boxing day of all days really must suck!

Rincewiend, you take a lot after your dad. A very handsome family

Ancient mariner thanks I'm usually not fond of faces in crazy places either but this one is one of the cases where nature plays a practical joke. I discovered it on a business trip and almost drove into the ditch LOL. The tree is in a dangerous curve. I parked the car in a safe spot, walked back and took the pic. The smilie is still there, after 2 years, but it has grown darker so that it's not so obvious anymore.

Saturn0660, that's an awesome sunrise! Are they often that colourful in your region?

macloudt, that's a beautiful building but it seems strangely out of proportion for a gothic church, compared to those we have this side of the Channel. Do you happen to know if it was planned like this?
Ours all look like this one:
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