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Or perhaps the MU God (whether as an actual being or the way He is written there in their scriptures) is a harsher being, and when Jesus came it was to teach different lessons than were taught in our universe.
Can you please elaborate? I find myself unable to see the teachings of Jesus ever practised in our world.

The philosophical question remains how a world with a dog-eats-dog mentality could yield the same technological evolution within the same timeframe as ours, apparently.

Where it gets really interesting is the introduction of the Defiant into the 22nd Century of the Mirror Universe.

Surely the 23rd Century technology was assimilated to create new starships from the one the Terran Empire had gotten its hands own, but isn't it a little odd that the ISS Enterprise in "Mirror, Mirror" must be a rather old design in the Mirror Universe?

A truly interesting plot premise of "In A Mirror, Darkly" remains, that inserting the Defiant into the Mirror Universe apparently didn't create a time paradox.

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