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Re: Put George & Gracie on the Federation Council?

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When I said "... the one ability they all lack is the ability to understand concepts," I was talking about animals, not children. Whereas you were trying to put them on equal terms. This is very much not the case. It's like one of those things people say, "animals are as smart as 3 year olds," the same way they all have to say that "Led Zepplin" or "The Beatles" are the greatest bands who ever lived. By your own admission, you understood concepts at three, you spoke words and all of those things which animals cannot do. These types of comparisons between animals and Humans just aren't there, I'm sorry.
Do you understand the concepts that a whale understands? Do you understand, with 100% accuracy, what and how any non-human mammal thinks? I rather doubt it. I'm still learning new things about cats, and I've raised them for over 35 years.

I find it really hard to fathom how a purported Star Trek fan could be so narrow-minded.
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