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Yeah, I think Fluxx is more chaotic than Munchkin but they're both games where things can change quickly. I don't really like Fluxx.

By the way, if you're looking to get into heavier board games then Resistance won't seem pricey at all.

If you're into comics then look into Legendary. It's probably a bit pricier than you're looking for at the moment but it's so much fun and you get so much play out of it.

Thanks. One of the friends I play with in the group mentioned the similarities, but I still wanted to check. Been trying to be careful in not choosing any overlaps in the games we may be playing since we tend to try to fit as many games as we can into our session. It would suck having too many games that are similar.

Fortunately, our group is pretty laid back, and playing something like Cards Against Humanity gives us a pretty good gauge of where we stand in terms of personality, and I don't think we're going to run into any game-ruining people.

And wow, Alpha, that seems real petty of him. His girlfriend must have been humiliated. Let me guess. They were no longer together after that?
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