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Re: Star Trek Phase II - Kitumba

This has got to be the most impressive episode of Phase II that I've yet seen. The general effects, the eclectic variety of costumes, the CGI backdrops, the Enterprise....all of it was absolutely top-notch, and I really enjoyed seeing Kargh again. It took me a while to acclimate myself to Cawley's take on Kirk (even for TOS-era James Tiberius Kirk he was but by this point I've gotten used to his performance and enjoy it.

The tips of the hat to Enterprise with "President Archer" and the Augment virus as well as to other branches of the franchise were a lot of fun and the episode made me wish we'd gotten a canon look at central planets of the Klingon Empire during the run of the original series. I won't lie, I was a latecomer to the fan-made shows like this and New Voyages and a very reluctant one at that, but I'm liking what I've been seeing.

Loving those myriad 23rd century Klingon warships with all the intricate hull detailing. Great episode. Just great.
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