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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Been a few months. I finally finished out Over a Torrent Sea. Busy Sept. - Dec. meant not a lot of time for reading. Didn't groove to Torrent Sea at first but the last half really hooked me into finishing it this week. A little freer now so hopefully I can get back in the Trek Lit groove.

Started up Voyager: Unworthy last night, too. About 30 pages in. Enjoyable so far, though there's a weird bit where Chakotay tells Icheb about what it was like for Seven to be Borg. I know it's for the reader's benefit but it just felt weird. Still, everything else is great.

I also read the recent Doctor Who eBook Time Trips: The Death Pit. A lot of fun, but it does feel unfinished. Like it's a two-parter or begging a sequel.
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